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Vacation Layaway Program from Suzi Davis Travel American ExpressAre you wanting to plan a vacation for you or your family?  Do you want to take advantage of the special travel rates, or discounts? But, you can't quite afford to pay for the entire vacation right now?  Suzi Davis Travel understands and responds with a Vacation Stimilus Package - our Vacation Layaway Program.  Suzi Davis Travel provides the ultimate vacation packages to our clients for as little as $99.00 down, start planning now for the vacation of a lifetime!

The Suzi Davis Travel Vacation Layaway Program lets you take advantage of early booking specials, upgrades, and introductory rates by booking in advance! Most people want to take a vacation but some just can't seem to save the money to pay for the vacation all at one time. Now, you can plan your trip up to 18 months in advance! Once we reserve your vacation, you may make payments or, simply make a single payment at the end of your vacation layaway period. And, of course, no interest or fees. It's just one of the many personalized travel services we provide.

How the Vacation Layaway Program Works:

The Book Now, Pay Later Plan allows you to hold your vacation for as little as $99 down so you can reserve your vacation now and pay in full later. This allows you to apply a deposit at the time of booking instead of paying in full right away. Find out how you can use the Book Now, Pay Later Plan to put a deposit down on your vacation today!


Am I able to apply a deposit on my vacation instead of paying in full at time of booking?
Yes, Funjet’s Book Now, Pay Later plan allows you to hold your vacation with a deposit from as little as $99 down. The actual deposit amount required varies based on the airfare and hotel accommodations selected.

Does my vacation qualify for the Book Now, Pay Later Plan?
If you’re planning your vacation more than 2 months before travel, and your vacation cost meets the deposit requirements, you will qualify for the Vacation Payment Plan.

What if I don’t want to use the Book Now, Pay Later Plan?
You may pay for your vacation in full at time of booking.

How are deposits calculated?
Deposits include a portion of both your air and hotel costs, plus the full cost of any show tickets, insurance, or other features you may select.

Will Change or Cancellation Penalties still apply if I use the Vacation Payment Plan?
Yes. You will still be subject to all change or cancellation penalties outlined in the Terms and Conditions, as well as any supplier penalties should you wish to change or cancel your vacation.

What if I want to pay for some or all of my vacation before the Final Payment date?
You are welcome to pay for some or your entire final amount due before the Automatic Final Payment date. You can do this either by logging in to the account you created at time of booking or by calling us at the phone number above.

We will subtract these payments from your total amount due. If any balance remains after your interim payments, only the balance amount will be charged to your credit card — we will never overcharge you!

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