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Bloomington Office
# Name Position Phone
1 Main Office Email
2 Julie Carver Leisure Travel Consultant 309-834-3718
3 Susan Crozier-Enerson Outside Travel Consultant 309-834-3709
4 Diana Donsbach Leisure Travel Consultant 309-834-3713
5 Robert Evacko Database Specialist 309-834-3711
6 Lyn Renfrow Leisure Travel Consultant 309-834-3721
7 Sab Hany Receptionist 309-834-3701
8 Karyl Hill Accountant Clerk 309-834-3722
9 Mary Lou Janes Representative 309-834-3726
10 Amy Kafer Outside Travel Consultant 309-834-3724
11 Christine Kennedy Leisure Travel Consultant 309-834-3714
12 Jodi Smith Representative 309-834-3706
13 Crys Trotter Outside Travel Consultant 309-834-3712
14 Jill Stralow Leisure Travel Consultant 309-834-3719
15 Karen Deany Outside Travel Consultant
16 Paula Bradley Outside Travel Consultant 309-834-3727

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Corporate & Business Travel

If you are looking for a managed travel solution for your business or you just need assistance with an incentive or meeting group.  Suzi Davis Travel is your best asset.  Visit for details.

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